Formula 146 Pinewood Derby Racing Circuit

Formula 146 Racing Circuit - Home of The Greatest Spectacle in Racing!

Formula 146 Race Philosophy

The Formula 146 Race Philosophy guides all decisions and activates conducted by the Formula 146 Pinewood Derby Racing Circuit.  The following statement sums up the main tenets of our philosophy:  The Formula 146 Pinewood Derby Racing Circuit is Scout focused, volunteer driven, fun, and fair. 


Like the Indy 500, we want our Scouts to have the opportunity to participate in “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” while having fun, creating memories, and giving goodwill. The “Formula 146” Pine Wood Derby Racing Circuit vision is reflected in the smiles of our racers and the cheers of our fans as we race with all the fanfare of Formula 1, NASCAR, and The Indy 500.


Our mission is to deliver “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” that is Scout focused, volunteer driven, fun and fair.  Where all win by creating positive memories with family and friends.  

Pack 146 Advances to the Toqua District Grand Championship!  

Pack 146 raced with all the fanfare of Formula 1, NASCAR, and The Indy 500 combined on March 10.  Forty racers and sixty plus fans witnessed some blazing speeds and stunning cars at the Formula 146 Racing Circuit.  An old school stock car proudly displaying Scouting Colors won both the fastest overall and the trophy for the car with most Scouting Sprit.  A yellow Lamborghini won the trophy for fastest looking car and took second place.  As the checkered flag dropped, a camouflaged wedge number 17 emblazoned with "Do you best" rounded out the trifecta. A "Hotdog" won the Fan Favorite in the design competition and the boys voted a Tennessee Flag inspired design as most patriotic. 

 Race fans, mark your calendars for the Toqua District Grand Championship April 28 and join the Formula 146 racers as they "Do their best" and race for victory!

Formula 146 Racing Circuit - Powered By Pack 146

The Formula 146 Racing Circuit is powered by Pack 146, the Pack that puts the "outing" in Scouting!  Want to learn more or join us on our other adventures?  Just click here to begin the adventure that is Scouting.




2013 Formula 146 Racing Results